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Celebrate life's sweet moments with an unforgettable graze

The perfect gift for your friends and loved ones

Welcome to Bougie Boards, your go-to for exceptional custom grazing tables, and gorgeous charcuterie boards in Los Angeles. We are committed to using the finest locally sourced ingredients. Elevate your events with our curated selection of high-end charcuterie, fruit, crudité, and dessert boards, perfect for any occasion.

Whether you're celebrating a wedding, hosting a corporate event, throwing a birthday party, organizing a baby shower, planning a bridal or housewarming affair, our charcuterie boards and grazing tables infuse every occasion with a touch of culinary sophistication, elevating the experience for you and your guests. At Bougie Boards, we go beyond with our custom grazing tables, tailoring the experience to your unique preferences.

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My roots are far from Bougie. As a proud Angeleno born and raised in South Central Los Angeles, life threw its challenges my way. Growing up in uncertain and unsafe environments, dealing with social anxiety and depression, being a first-generation American with parents from Belize, and constantly facing the pressures of working with limited resources to create an environment not only to improve my life but also the lives of others in my community felt defeating.

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